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Finally finally finally! Here is it. The intention to do this has been with me for a long time now, but intentions don't turn into actions unless you ACT. :)

Here it is!

I am also working on a new website to be the home of Happytrins, so stay tuned for that.
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I AM an Artist and So Are You

When I was little I was an artist. Then, I suddenly wasn’t. I’ve been thinking lately about how that’s definitely not OK, and how I need for that not to happen to my son.
When I was in elementary school, I felt and acted as an artist. I joined school plays, skipped excitedly to art class, kept an incredibly secretly journal, took guitar and painting lessons outside of school, was allowed to join the choir (to my surprise), loved and wrote poetry…..really, I could go on and on.
It’s funny that we often don’t remember the exact time that changes happen, even when they are quite significant ones. I don’t recall what changed my mind or encouraged me to stop with the art, but I remember being older and feeling that no, I wasn't an artist. When I reached high school, I took only the mandatory art class freshman year and that was that.
What happened? What changed within me that made me feel I was no longer worthy of expressing myself in front of others and in front of myself?
I said previou…

Let Your Baby Be Your Mindful Practice

If there is something that pushes you into mindfulness it is parenthood.

Whether you like it or not, becoming a mom or dad is going to push you into being present. When I first brought my newborn home from the hospital I was in awe. Pure bliss. With awe and bliss there is no being absent. They are such intense emotions that they force you into the present and this is why they are so enjoyable. I remember looking into my baby's eyes, his little nose, his little feet. Just awe. One hundred percent present and aware, taken away by the beauty of the moment. But there were also times when I felt mindful yet in a less blissful state.

There were a couple of days where my husband and I couldn't figure out how to soothe him. He would cry nonstop and nothing that we did helped. This time we were shoved into mindfulness for less blissful reasons; crying. It's impossible to try to soothe a crying baby and think about your grocery list at the same time. The loud cries and the hurt of s…

So Many Times I've Thought "Who am I to Start a Blog?"

Who am I to start a blog?
Who am I to talk about meditation, spirituality, happiness and well-being?
Who am I to talk about mothering and parenthood?

The Short Answer: No One.
I am not an expert or professionally trained on any of these topics nor do I consider myself to be enlightened or spiritually superior in any way. I have not figured everything out in life. I repeat. I have not figured everything out in life!!! In fact, far from it.

But I do believe everyone has something to gift to the world and I've been wanting to share my part for a while now.

What's the Offer?
In short, kind words.
Ideas, opinions and advice from someone who has continuously and actively worked on herself for the past 10 years, at least.

To Work On Herself - What does it mean?

I think it's about retrospection and growth again and again in a recurring cycle. There are ups and downs involved and a consciousness about these fluctuations. It is about looking at yourself without judging (It's har…